Colour is Back, Just Ask La La Land

January 17, 2017

La La Land is the best film I've seen in years. It is worth every ounce of hype that it has received and I wholeheartedly encourage you to see it. The audience literally burst into applause when it ended. I am fully obsessed with pretty much everything about this film, but one thing that struck me the most is the incredible use of colour. This colour is the cure to any January (or February, March, April...) blues. Colour flowed throughout the film, capturing mood and feeling in such a special way and this showed me the power that colour actually has. 

I take my hat off to the costume designer and cinematographer behind this genius, everything looked stunning and Emma Stone was blessed with the amazing outfits she got to wear. 

I felt thoroughly wowed by the beautifully bright outfits she wore. It was as if the film had breathed an entirely fresh breath of air into me and my outlook. I feel so tired of minimalism trends and ready to welcome colour with open arms. 

In light of this I have picked out some of the best colourful high street pieces that could've danced right off the screen. Let's all listen to La La Land and embrace the wonder of colour. 
1. Mango - £35.99; 2. Mango - £29.99; Whistles - £45; 4. Warehouse - £79; 5. Topshop Boutique - £45; 6. Miss Selfridge - £35; 7. Topshop - £49; 8. Topshop Boutique - £130; 9. Warehouse - £42; 10. Warehouse - £49

I'd also suggest you give the wonderful soundtrack a listen here and feel pure infectious joy.

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