Best Winter Coats Under £100

October 12, 2016

Firstly, let me apologise for my absence and general slackness with blogging for the past few weeks. I've just started back at Uni and have been v. busy with learning and drinking etc. I am all settled now and will defo fit blogging into my schedule and be posting much more regularly.

Apologies out the way I can move onto my pick of the best winter coats for under £100.

Winter is slowly creeping up on us, the weather is currently grey, grizzly and just a bit shit but I feel like a good coat could defo make this a bit better. I know £100 is still rather expensive but I like to think of a coat as a strong investment piece which lasts a good time and gets a lot of wear, I've also tried to pick discount friendly sites.

1. Mango, £80 ; 2. ASOS, £75 ; 3. Topshop, £72 ; 4. Monki, £65 ; 5. Mango, £60 ; 6. Uniqlo, £80 ; 7. Topshop, £79 ; 8. ASOS, £80 ; 9. H&M, £50 ; 10. Zara, £60 ; 11. Warehouse, £99 ; 12. Monki, £65
1. You can't beat a leopard print coat. I for one am so happy leopard print is back big time and that there's lots of lovely leopardy stuff for me to get my hands on. My heart belongs to leopard print and I'm defo not the only one who feels this way - loads of celebs are sporting the best feline print this autumn (see Kate Moss below). There are loads of lush, snuggly, furry leopard print coats in the shops at the moment and I really like Mango's offering, the crisp lapels give it a smarter touch and I think it would work well for any occasion.

Kate Moss rocking a Burberry leopard print coat (not quite in the under £100 budget)
2. I'm a big fan of this oversized boyfriend coat from ASOS, the contrasting collar and cuffs are a nice splash of colour. It looks very warm and is another item I feel would be a versatile wardrobe staple. (10% student discount available at ASOS)

3. Duster coats are very cool, even cooler is that pink colour and those velvet pockets. This coat would make any outfit have a unique edge and this coat would look perfect teamed with a monochrome or denim look. I can defo picture Rihanna in this and that makes any item a winner in my opinion.

4. Shearling is a good bet if you want to be on trend for AW16, this super cute Monki coat reminds me of the APC one pictured below. Super cosy and great for colder months, I'd wear with brighter colours so I don't look completely washed out (but that's just me). (Sign up to Monki's newsletter and get 10% off)

Cosy in Shearling at APC
5. I love this Mango coat in beautiful Autumnal shades and the ever popular geometric check print. It's a really flattering cut and would be ideal for stomping through Autumnal leaves purely as you'll be matchy matchy. I'm happy the classic check has made a return on the catwalks this season, such as the Suno piece below.

Autumnal checks at Suno
6. You can't go wrong with a classic trench coat, Uniqlo have a strong offering which is a very timeless and flattering piece. For me, this is a lifelong wardrobe staple and worth the investment. This Uniqlo coat currently has £20 off so I'd grab it while you still can.

7. I think this pastel fur jacket from Topshop is adorable and would be a quirky and on trend addition to any outfit. I really love the shape of this and think it's such a fun piece, the quality is excellent and gives it an expensive look. A fur jacket would be a wise purchase this season, they're really cool at the moment and this is one of my favourites on the high street right now. I'm reminded of the Michael Kors fur jacket below, team with a floral blouse and you've got that pastoral vibe nailed. I also love that J Crew jacket (below) and it's such a great colour, again showing how on trend fur jackets are at the moment. (Get 10% student discount at Topshop)

Pastel cropped jackets at Michael Kors
Brilliant pink at J Crew
8. I love this ASOS coat, it's a sweet print and I particularly love the furry collar. I just think this coat is really cool and something a lil bit different. I'm really reminded of the Brooks Brothers coat (below) but the ASOS one is a much more affordable price. Furry and fun collars are big at the moment and I think they're a great addition to coats (for warmth purposes maybe even more than stylistic value) so I'd check out coats that are sporting a fuzzy collar.

Fun collars and florals at Brooks Brothers
9. A more relaxed take on the classic trench with a loose and slouchy fit, I'm a big fan of that waist belt. Also a big fan of that price tag, nice job H&M. (Sign up to H&M news and get 25% off one item.)

10. It's hard avoiding the puffer on the high street at the moment (which I'm not complaining about, I love a good cosy puff) which means it can be tricky to find one that's a bit more unique. I really like this subtle camo one from Zara, it's nice seeing a bit of a pattern as opposed to one plain colour; plus it has a practical hood.

11. This Warehouse velvet puffer coat is pretty expensive but, again, it's a more unique take on the puffer (and bomber) trend. It looks pretty luxe and I'm reminded of the velvet bomber by Opening Ceremony pictured below. I'm not sure how practical it would be in the rain but at least you'd still look good. (Warehouse offer 10% student discount.)

Pink velvet at Opening Ceremony
12. This could possibly be my favourite of the 12 coats, Monki's coat game is v strong at the moment and it's defo worth a look. This nails the oversized puffer trend as sported by my gal RihRih below. It's a great colour and I feel like it would be as if you're wearing a sleeping bag as a coat (warm and cosy is a must in my ideal winter coat). I also love the extent of the puffiness, it's almost on the Yeezy level pictured below. 

Rihanna's oversized puffer
Mega puffer at Yeezy

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post, let me know any great finds in the run up to winter. I'll be posting more soon so keep checking the blog. 
I'd like to finish off with another edit of my favourite coats from popular culture, are there any classics I've missed off?
Have a great week!
Soph xXx

L-R: Anastasia's oversized coat, Margot and Richie Tenenbaum, Harold & Maude, Jenny Cavilleri, Penny Lane, Mrs Robinson and Cruella Deville.

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