Spend or Save: Sunglasses

August 05, 2016

Believe it or not it is actually summer and I'm hoping that sometime very soon the weather will perk up a bit and we can all bust out one of my favourite accessories - sunglasses. Sunglasses are great because there are so many different shapes and variations and styles allowing you to put your own individual stamp on an outfit. 

I am a fan of big sunglasses that can cover up my big dark circles under my bleary eyes and protect me from blinding daylight after a night out. Due to the massive range of sunglasses styles available today it's super easy to find a pair that suits you too. 
However, one issue I have with sunglasses is the price ticket found on designer sunnies, sadly I cannot be forking out 200 quid for a pair of shades. So I have scoured the internet trying to find cheaper alternatives to popular, expensive, designer styles. This is Skint Style at it's best - getting something that looks mega pricey but is in fact rather affordable. I hope you find this helpful!

1. Christopher Kane, £235; 2. Urban Outfitters, £9; 3. Ray Ban, £135; 4. Topshop, £16; 5. Celine, £219; 6. Topshop, £18; 7. Miu Miu, £199; 8. ASOS, £12; 9. Ray Ban, £143; 10. Urban Outfitters, £18

1. Miu Miu, £207; 2. Topshop, £16; 3. Celine, £189; 4. Urban Outfitters, £18; 5. Dior, £230; 6. ASOS, £10; 7. Ray Ban, £170; 8. Mango, £8.99; 9. Alexander McQueen, £210; 10. Mango, £17.99

I was actually really amazed at how similar some of these sunglasses are for just a fraction of the price, yes, Topshop sunglasses may not have Celine written down the side but they do look just as good!

Bring on the sun, ey.

Sophie x

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