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June 27, 2016

I am a big fan of ASOS, it is a go to for quick, easy shopping where you are guaranteed to find something you like at an affordable price. As a result of this, and my lack of time before going on holiday to do a thorough scan of multiple brands, I have picked all the following pieces from ASOS to help you stand out at a festival and grab all the essentials. 
I was inspired by Glasto and am very looking forward to scanning through all the looks from over the weekend. So here I have picked out a range of items, just for you my lovely skint stylers, that will help you achieve a cheap and fashionable festival look.

1. Crochet Dress, £30; 2. Sequin Crop Top, £25; 3. Sequin High Neck Top, £27; 4. Striped Crochet Dress, £30; 5. Boho Crochet Dress, £32; 6. Sheer Top, £20; 7. Floral Mini Dress,  £35
I love festival fashion, the rule book of what's acceptable to wear is thrown out the window and you can confidently and happily wear the craziest garms you like. I've picked out some of my favourite items that will be a hit at any festival this summer.

Crochet is just the best and it gives off that kind of carefree-I'm-so-cool vibe that is perfect for festivals so I've picked a few dresses from ASOS that nail that vibe (1, 4 and 5). Mini dresses are just killing it, whatever the weather legs should just be out at a festival (if anything, to avoid muddy ruined jeans) so these crochet dresses are bang on. As is number 7. This sweeet reclaimed vintage mini dress is beaut, gives off such an awesome sunny feel, I love it. 
I also picked out a few tops. Sequins + festival strobe lights. Need I say more. Amazing. So glam and so cool (2 and 3). Shimmery, shiny sheer top at number 6 is also gorg, maybe wear this with a cool patterned bikini for a fun look. Team any of these tops with a pair of denim shorts and wellies and you will look so amazing. 

1. Stone Mac, £22; 2. Pink Mac, £24; 3. Khaki Mac, £22
Let's face it UK festival babes, it's gonna rain. It is difficult to find a nice looking, cheap mac - not everyone can be affording North Face. Numbers 1 and 2 are the same pac a macs (that's right you can easily pack up these bad boys) just in different colours and I think they are so cool and a must have to throw over any festival look. An added bonus to the lovely fit and easily compact nature is that they will both go with pretty much anything, not that that matters - when it comes to festival dressing, anything goes. Number 2 is more of a statement, and that pink means your mates will defo be more likely to spot you, it's on sale for £24 and I think it is rather perfect.

1. Studded Chelsea Wellies, £29; 2. Metallic Wellies, £21; 3. Glittery Chelsea Wellies, £25
Just like the rain mac, no UK festival look is complete without the wellies. I am really loving shorty wellies at the moment, you can show more leg and I just think they look really cute. I am digging the shiny vibes of the wellies I've picked out.

1. Girl Gang Cap, £15; 2. Sequined Bucket Hat, £12; 3. Sparkly Headband, £6; 4. Flower Crown, £10.50; 5. Sunflower Cat Ears, £10; 6. Blue Hair Paint, £7.99; 7. Coin Headband, £12

Head gear has become a staple to the festival outfit in recent years, be it the infamous flower headband or the newly cool bucket hat, everyone is reppin something on their noggin. I think the Girl Gang cap is super cute, how badass would you and your pals look each clad in one of those gems, it's like a modern day alternative to the matching bombers of the Pink Ladies.
After seeing Cara Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse sporting blue dip dyed plaits on their arrival at Glasto I had to include the blue hair paint. For the affordable price of £7.99 you could rock the Marge Simpson meets Delevigne vibe. Yes.

1. Sequined Bum Bag, £12; 2. Metallic Camo Backpack, £30; 3. Woven Drawstring Backpack, £12.50; 4. Embroidered Mini Bag, £13; 5. Watermelon Cooler Bag, £28; 6. Fringed Mini Bag, £12; 7. Leopard Print Bum Bag, £12 
You cannot go without a day bag at a festival and I am so happy lovely looking pieces like these are being made so I no longer have to use my dad's green first aid bum bag. Sequined and leopard print bum bags are a much more attractive option, thank you ASOS. I'm also happy bum bags are accepted as cool now as they are so useful, you can dance as freely as you want and not have to worry about dropping/losing anything. Big yes to the bum bags. 
The bag at number 5 is so cool, it is literally a cooler for the bevs shaped like a watermelon - ideal. The mini bags (4 and 60 are perfecto for holding all the essentials: phone, money, etcetera. so they are a wonderful option for your festival bag. Also diggin that camo rucksack, a bit more expenny at £30 but I feel it's worth it for that design and bonus practicality points.

1. Body Stickers, £5; 2. Twin Pack of Floral Ribbon Chokers, £15; Twin Pack of Sequined Chunky Chokers, £8

I could've gone BIG on accessories (there are a lot of cool body chains on ASOS that are worth a look) but I decided to just go for what I believe to be this years essential festival accessory combo. Facial decoration of some sort and a choker. Glitter, sequins, sparkle - get it all over your face, asap. Chokers are such a hit right now and these twin sets are both very, very cute.

1. Korres Festival Kit, £12; Coconut Scented De-Tangle Brush, £8; Tigi Bed Head Dry Shampoo, £11.60

Finally, take care of yourself. I think this Korres Festival Kit is a really good price at £12, you get all the necessaries (wipes, moisturiser, SPF and lip balm) which will make your festival experience a hell of a lot more pleasant. I love a good tangle teezer, number 2 is basically the same thing but cheaper and fresher due to the added coconut scent, mmm. If that wasn't fresh enough - dry shampoo. Please, for your own sake, don't go to a festival without dry shampoo. I will repeat - take care of yourself, you will thank yourself for it.

So there you have it, my Best of the Fest guide. 
Hope it's helped.

Sophie xx

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